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Thank you so much to the parents and children who contributed and dropped this into school today! Very kind and much appreciated. https://t.co/7VhCD7e82r


Well done to the parents in Rabbit Class (Reception) for getting involve din another one of Mr Vullo's stories! Well done to all of you and thank you for your support. https://t.co/s05R4iLF4F

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Our latest story from Mr Vullo and friends is on dojo! A great performance from Mr Hale in here too! https://t.co/VN9uBzi4DM

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Roydon Primary Academy Retweeted

Disadvantaged children have been provided with digital devices and unlimited broadband by their school to enable them to learn at home. https://t.co/gYx4PDbGaq https://t.co/oo3YYN5ZE7

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The 2m choir with a rendition of Happy Birthday for Mr Clark https://t.co/54gPtd3USJ

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Another Rabbit Class Story...Not Now Bernard https://t.co/lebToux4mG

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The children in school today are having a social distancing cinema experience today! In household groups https://t.co/aOIrz0ykuY

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Rabbit Class have some special stories this week....day 1 https://t.co/FlUHrJ7wHV

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The children in school were designing board games this afternoon! Some fantastic ideas! https://t.co/gOePizSkBa

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Young mathematicians are continuing to rock their schoolwork at home. Pupils at Roydon Primary Academy have spent the last year indulging in maths while having fun as part of the Times Tables Rock Stars scheme. https://t.co/TJrqx6mj0U https://t.co/ejLvhkS1go

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Can you recreate a front cover of a children's book! Roydon can.... https://t.co/UmfIhMljR3

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Roydon Primary Academy Retweeted

BMAT are looking for community governors to work with our schools based in Epping, Harlow, Stansted (Essex) and Newham (London). For more info and to apply please contact governance.org.uk https://t.co/4PeEmoUn0z

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The children in school were pebble painting yesterday afternoon! https://t.co/PVVeqXFbP8

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Mr Clark's daily challenge today was to recreate the front cover of a children's book! Just one of the brilliant entries! https://t.co/ddl4RbFuNr

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Lovely to see the children in school sitting outside weaving this afternoon! Well done boys and girls! https://t.co/GIkGvMIf8j

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Great to see the children and staff battling on this lunchtime. Every day at 11.30am this week! https://t.co/ANY52R15yj

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We Are Family! Thank you to the whole school community for getting involved! We hope this brings lots of smiles to faces at this time. https://t.co/PxAZx9FYwZ https://t.co/atdVmAlqxO

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How lovely to our youngest children working so hard at home! https://t.co/hqtZkBiica

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The new head of Roydon Primary Academy, Anna Myatt, is having to make the transition into the role in the virtual world. Headteacher Michael Clark leaves his post this summer to relocate to Dubai. https://t.co/lGPNXw5DHk https://t.co/MDU6QGl382

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Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Home Learning

Teachers have prepared tasks and activities for children to consolidate their learning. The work packs we sent home can also be accessed in the folders at the side of the page.

They have not included any new learning because this would require teaching. As thw school is now closing, and we are unsure of the time scale for this, we are considering how best to communicate new learning. 

We are looking at how teachers can use Class Dojo to set learning for pupils in a more personalised way now that there will be an extended school closure. Information about this will be communicated via Class Dojo. If you are exoeriencing issues with this or need a log in please contact the school office or Mr Clark.


One parent has asked for an example of a typical school day so their child can continue with some kind of normality and routine. 

Pupils start the day at 8:40 and spend the first thirty minutes self-registering what they want for lunch, completing a morning task e.g., a maths task, spelling or handwriting, and teachers use this time to run intervention sessions with small groups or individual pupils based on their assessments of the previous day.

Year 1 - 6 then has maths up until break time which is normally at 10:20am.

At 10:40 pupils in Reception, Year 1 and some in Year 2 have phonics for 20 minutes. Years 3-6 start their English sessions which run until mid day. KS1 English starts at 11am and runs to mid day.
Reception pupils have their snack/milk before break. Their mornings consist of maths and phonics sessions and often their writing sessiosn although somehtimes these are scheduled after lunch. Mr Vullo will be providing all the resources/videos and presentations for these to support parents. This will be done via Class Dojo.

Lunch time runs from mid day to 1pm.

Lunchtime ends at 1pm and the afternoons are broken into two sessions of 60 minutes. These are typically science, music, art, history, geography, PSHE, PE, Spanish, RE, DT, Computing lessons.
At 2:40 classes stop for assembly. Monday's are celebration assemblies these will continue via Mr Clark on Class Dojo. Tuesday is share a story. The other three assemblies are for awards, sharing and class council. At 3pm each class has their class story. This sometimes can be moved to other times of the day, but happens evrry day. 
The school day then ends at 3:10pm. 

As far as possible, if children are well, they should continue with appropriate exercise. They are used to the mile a day track at school. Here are a list of websites you could use to keep your children active at home. Thank you to the Enfield PE Team for providing us with this list. 

Sport England – stay active at home
Go Noodle
BBC Supermovers
You tube – Cosmic Yoga
Joe Wicks and Alfie – 8 minute workouts ( once on this page there are a lot more exercises with other children involved)
Joe Wicks 5 minute exercises on You Tube
NHS – 10 minute shake ups
Joe Wicks – kids work out
NHS 10 minute cardio workout

If children themselves are unwell, they should simply rest and build up their strength. If they are well, beyond the work packs, they should read as much as they can and those looking after them should read to them, again as much as possible because the benefits are priceless. There are also online storytime sessions, including the following:

Astronauts reading stories from space.


The author Oliver Jeffers will read one of his stories and talk about some of the things that went into making it; it will be added to his website.


As a school we will be recording staff members reading stories and will post one daily to the whole school class dojo. 


As well as the work packs:

Twinkl.co.uk have kindly produced free  home learning packs for children in self-isolation or in the event of a school closure. These can be accessed here: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/search?term=school+closure Go to the website and then click on the appropriate year group. 
Twinkl have also offered every teacher and parent a one month ultimate membership totally free of charge so children can have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption. Setting this up is easy-  go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS.
We use White Rose Maths Hub for our maths curriculum. They have announced that they will set up resources for teachers to set work for pupils who are not able to go to school, from next week. Here is the website: https://whiterosemaths.com/
Pupils also have access to Times Tables Rock Stars online.


Phonics Play is another website that has announced that all of their games and resources are currently free. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ It will be great for home learning for pupils in Reception and Year 1 in particular, because the children always love the games and they would be practising reading real and alien words. 

Kids Classroom Secrets have also announced free access to their online learning activities: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/home-online-learning/

Here are some other free websites with activities you may want to consider for your child(ren):












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